Thoughts: Cristiano Ronaldo Needs To Move On From Juventus ASAP

This might be one of the most controversial topics of the season, but we still need to talk about it. The simple but painful admission is that Cristiano Ronaldo needs to move on from Juventus as soon as possible before it’s too late.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s time at Juventus seems quite finished as the current season keeps going and he doesn’t meet his targets.

Let’s start with the sole reason why he came to the club in the first place. Prior to his arrival at the club, Ronaldo was lured by the Bianconeri by making the promise that the club would fight for the UEFA Champions League. However, three years on now prove the Turin club isn’t just ready to take on such an enormous endeavor. Hence, there is a belief that Cristiano Ronaldo is wasting the last great years of football inside a club that can’t respond to his needs.

As the superstar that he is, Cristiano needs to be surrounded by other great players and that hasn’t really happened at Juventus. When you have a look at the Juve squad, you’d see that there is no single player on the attack who can match the 36-year-old’s level of skill. Probably, Ronaldo is tired of carrying the squad on his own.

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Just yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus were infamously eliminated from the Champions League by a resilient Porto side. From the result, there is no doubt Cristiano will start looking for his next destination.

If Ronaldo Needs To Move On From Juventus, Where Would Suit Him Better?

At the moment, out of the football clubs that could potentially acquire his services, there is only a handful of them that can give Cristiano what he really wants. He is the kind of player who has made a lot of profit throughout his career. So money isn’t an issue here, rather, winning titles definitely is. And that is where the real challenge comes, where the separation between different clubs comes into the picture. Thus, clubs with chances of competing for the Champions League are the only ones with a chance to sign him should Ronaldo needs to move on from Juventus.

With the above narratives, club names such as Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City come to mind. However, Manchester United is an ideal place for Cristiano Ronaldo to properly end his career. Currently, all that United lack is a franchise player who can help them take that quality step they’ve been lacking during the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer years.

But is it really a brainer for Cristiano Ronaldo? As in our opinion, Cristiano Ronaldo needs to move on from Juventus having failed to reach the ideal expectations. So where do you think he should play next if he wants to win the Champions League again? Over to you!

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