Cristiano Ronaldo Prepares For A Big ‘Return’ To Manchester

The Portugal superstar could be involved in a move that will see him return to Manchester at some point soon. Ronaldo is reportedly set to establish a brand new 4* plus luxury hotel in Manchester city center. The mega building is also believed to be located just behind the Halls Building near the Northern-Quarter.

This Manchester move is no secret as to the level of Ronaldo’s affection for the city after the Portuguese ace introduced himself to the world during his six years stint at Manchester United, the most successful professional men’s football team in the city. Thus, it will also come as a little surprise how he was approved to open a hotel by the City’s councils.

According to, architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios have been given the go-ahead after winning planning permission for the hotel situated on the corner of Piccadilly and Newton Street.

The building will fall under the Pestana CR7 brand on the proposed hotel’s details and will now see CR7 own the third hotel to his name. The other two CR7 owned hotels are situated in his hometown of Madeira and his nation’s capital, Lisbon.

Making assumptions from our own intuition would mean that Cristiano Ronaldo will own a hotel in each area where he has represented a club. But could it be some speculation for his next playing career move? That’s left to be seen here still.

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Meanwhile, the 35-year-old’s Manchester project is reportedly set to include 150 rooms, though no proposed opening date is mentioned yet.

From the above source, the hotel “will see an 11-story tower, a grade II-listed Victorian office-cum-warehouse be renovated and repurposed.”

Interestingly, Ronaldo ex-teammates Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs own joint hotels in the city and now the pair will have to battle it out for supremacy with a familiar face.

Moreover, this is just one of the several businesses that Ronaldo had ventured into outside football. In relation to his high-class brand image, one can anticipate that the hotels will be built in a luxurious and of high-quality.

Ronaldo’s Manchester project is expected to be a big hit because it is a city where the superstar is still held in high regard to date.

Do you think this project is just for Ronaldo’s business expansion or a way of making a sensational return to Manchester to continue with his career? Feel free to let us know what you think in our comments section below!

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