Juventus Legend Believes Cristiano Ronaldo Overreacted Against Serbia

Following the incident against Serbia on Saturday, a Juventus legend is convinced Cristiano Ronaldo overreacted when his goal was disallowed. It was clear to the whole world how the Juventus star was robbed of an obvious goal against Serbia over the weekend, but a Juventus legend didn’t like the superstar’s reaction.

In fact, he thinks the Portuguese captain overreacted by taking off his armband and throwing it on the floor. The criticism, meanwhile, comes from an ultimate Bianconeri figure, Alessandro del Piero, who has defended him last week after heavy criticism from the media after Juve’s exit from the Champions League.

Del Piero is arguably the biggest name in Juve’s history. And as a matter of fact, not siding with Ronaldo in something so easy to see can become a problem later. Moreover, if the Portuguese captain doesn’t like the reaction from Del Piero, it could very well be a reason for him to stay or leave the club.

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The Juventus Legend Reaction To Ronaldo’s Drama

While on a recent interview for ESPN, Alessandro del Piero offered his opinion about Cristiano Ronaldo’s dramatic reaction. Even though Cris was right to protest, Alex is more traditional with his reactions to unjust calls. “This is an over-reaction. He shouldn’t act like this, in that way,” the Juventus legend told ESPN.

“It’s OK to be angry, it’s OK to discuss it with the referee, but to throw the armband and keep going like this is too much for someone who is the team captain and represents an iconic figure like him. I also understand the moment, the importance of the match, and also the personal ambition that he puts into everything he does.”

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