Ronaldo’s Sister Defends The Star’s Actions, Says ‘Ronaldo & Portugal Were Robbed!’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister has defended her superstar brother from the TV “experts” who criticized the Portugal captain’s reaction to his disallowed goal against Serbia on Saturday night.

Ronaldo’s sister, Katia Aveiro, has defended the star’s reaction to his disallowed goal against Serbia and claimed he meant to throw the captain’s armband at the referee’s face.

The Dutch referee, Danny Makkelie has since admitted that he made an error in ruling out Ronaldo’s match-winning effort against Serbia and apologized. However, the Portugal captain has remained in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Critics were quick to condemn the five-time Ballon d’Or winner for storming off the pitch and throwing the captain’s armband to the ground after Makkelie ruled out his goal. It also led his former Portugal teammate Fernando Meira to brand his actions as “unacceptable.”

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“Cristiano is a symbol of the nation. People in their noble wisdom say: ‘He who has no feelings cannot be the son of good people,” Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro wrote on Instagram in response to the criticism.

“Portugal was robbed with a scandal. Cristiano, who scored a goal in the last minute (and it could have brought us victory), caused his and our revolt.”

“He immediately demonstrated that the ball had crossed the line by 30 centimeters, shook his head, and, even without the referee’s whistle to end this stolen match, he headed to the locker room because it wasn’t worth it.”

“Overcome with anger and starting a revolt that engulfed his soul against the motherland that he had defended so many times with teeth and nails, he threw the captain’s armband to the ground.”

“Incredible coldness because his intention was indeed to throw the armband at the referee’s face for what he and his assistant had done against all of us.”

“However, even though we are all disgusted by what happened, some ‘experts’ on television dared to criticize Cristiano’s gesture.”

Meanwhile, Portugal manager Fernando Santos has also defended Ronaldo and insisted he will remain the team’s captain!

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