Breaking News: Cristiano Ronaldo And The Juventus Squad Go Into Fiduciary Isolation

Cristiano Ronaldo and the Juventus squad will go into fiduciary isolation as a precautionary measure after Juve staffers test positive for coronavirus. The Turin club announced that Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of his teammates have to go into fiduciary isolation as a precaution measure.

The Serie A defending champions reported that two of their staff members just tested positive for coronavirus, which has forced them to make the decision as a matter of urgency. Meanwhile, the news had come on the same day Napoli was restricted from traveling to Turin for the scheduled Serie A game against Juventus on Sunday.

At the time of the report, none of Juve’s technical staff or players have tested positive. However, the isolation period is vital to make sure the health of all members inside the club. It also means Cristiano Ronaldo and the Juventus squad will have to isolate themselves from any person who isn’t inside the club as a precautionary measure. Although no further information about the situation has been shared as of now, the Juventus club has confirmed the team is in fiduciary isolation.

Juventus Refuses to Rule Out the Weekend’s Match Against Napoli

Following the new that Napoli players and staff have been exposed to the virus during their week two game against Genoa, Juventus has gone ahead to confirm they will step on the pitch to play on Sunday. Juventus is scheduled to play the Naples at home on Sunday in a Serie A week three fixture, which now raises more controversy to one of Italy’s most bitter rivalries and leaves everything to chance.

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Juventus Club Statement In Full Regarding the Napoli’s Game

Below is the full statement from Juventus’ official website regarding their scheduled meeting with league rivals Napoli at Allianz Stadium on Sunday.

“Juventus Football Club announces that, during the checks provided for by the protocol in force, two staff members tested positive for COVID 19,” reveals the club’s statement.

“These are neither players nor members of the technical or medical staff; however, in compliance with the regulations and the protocol, the whole extended team, as of this moment, has gone into fiduciary isolation.”

The statement adds that the team players who have tested negative will be allowed to proceed with their regular training and activities.

“This procedure will allow all members who tested negative to the controls to carry out regular training and match activities but will not be allowed to contact with outside the group. The Club is in constant contact with the competent health authorities.”

Do you think it’s safe for Cristiano Ronaldo and the Juventus squad to proceed with their Sunday match against Napoli despite their coronavirus news? Feel free to share your thoughts with us via our comments section below!

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