Ex-Liverpool Goalkeeper Explains Why He Thinks Alisson Becker Is Like Ronaldo

Ex-Liverpool man in David James reckons that Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker is much like Cristiano Ronaldo regarding his faultless all-round performances.

Cristiano remains that dominating figure in world football, which has drawn a comparison between him and some of the biggest names in football history. Ronaldo’s debate as the greatest football player of all-times continues to divide football fans, with many taking to the side of the Portuguese ace.

Moreover, many also believe only Lionel Messi can be compared to the Juventus star player in terms of stats. However, Liverpool former goalkeeper David James thinks Alisson Becker is also similar to Ronaldo because he doesn’t have to go out of his way to perform at an exceptional level.

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David James on Comparing Alisson Becker to Cristiano Ronaldo

While speaking with Liverpool Echo, the former Reds goalkeeper reminisced how he came to meet with Alisson.

“I met him [Alisson] at Melwood and [Liverpool sporting director] Michael Edwards introduced me to him – he’s so young!” said David James.

“The idea of the peak being attributed to age is a misnomer because you could peak at 15 – there’s nothing saying you are going to be better at 16 or 26.”

“In the end, it’s about biology and whether you are capable of going further and faster and higher but with Alisson, you are looking at a ‘keeper who everything he does is so good,” he continued.”

James then suggested he has Cristiano Ronaldo’s quality in him for not needing to do something exceptional to still be at the top-level.

“He might be a bit Cristiano Ronaldo-esque in the sense that he doesn’t have to do something exceptional to still be at the highest level,” added James.

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