Massimiliano Allegri Reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s Unique Ability

Massimiliano Allegri has managed several great players, but believes Cristiano Ronaldo stands out amongst them for a “unique ability.”

The Portuguese are “programmed to win” and have a unique ability in finding space and attacking the box, says the former Juventus boss.

Ronaldo played under Allegri during his first season at Juventus in the 2018-19 season. The 36-year-old supplied 28 goals and 11 assists on route to Serie A and Supercoppa Italiana glory.

Despite spending a short time together at the Allianz Stadium, Massimiliano Allegri still marvels at Ronaldo’s winning mentality and remarkable talents.

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“Ronaldo too is human and can make mistakes. But there are few who can shake off a defender and run at the goal like him,” the 53-year-old told Sky Calcio Club on Sunday night.

“Cristiano’s strength is that he has this mind that is programmed to win. He won five Ballon d’Or trophies, the Champions League, so many titles.”

“Yet he is there giving himself new motivation every single day.”

“It’s also natural that those who play alongside him must understand the space that he leaves has to be filled by the other guy.”

“Poor Mario Mandzukic, playing with Cristiano Ronaldo, he ran more in that year than his entire career… I love Mandzukic, he’s a fantastic player.”

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