‘Ronaldo Is The Best’ – Iker Casillas Believes Former Teammate Beats Lionel Messi As the GOAT

Real Madrid legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas believes Cristiano Ronaldo is the best because of his impressive career and work ethic, which is a proof of why he’s beaten Lionel Messi to the GOAT title.

Arguably, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the greatest players to have graced the football world in terms of their respective record-breaking careers and achievements. However, when it comes to choosing who can be considered the greater player out of the two, the football world divides.

Over time, many famous and legendary personalities in the history of football have gone to pick Cristiano Ronaldo as their greatest of all-time, while others favour Messi or other legends altogether for the GOAT title.

Iker Casillas Picks Ronaldo As His GOAT Candidate

Cristiano Ronaldo’s former Real Madrid teammate Iker Casillas is the latest to weigh in on the debate of whether Ronaldo or Messi is the best. The former Spanish shot-stopper has said Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player between the two by explaining how Ronaldo’s career achievements and work ethic surpasses Messi talent and deserves greater recognition.

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“Cristiano always had a huge desire to be the best, ever since he was a boy and I believe he has achieved that,” Casillas told ESPN.

“If I have to compare him to Messi, what Cristiano has done is more impressive because we all know the talent Messi has, but Cristiano was determined and worked hard to be the best.”

“I feel we have been lucky to have been able to enjoy two phenomenal players,” admits the Real Madrid legend.

Iker Casillas also said that Cristiano Ronaldo is totally opposite of what he can appear to be for so many people, referring to people who call him arrogant.

“For people that don’t know Cristiano, he can appear to be cocky and arrogant, but it’s totally the opposite,” says the World Cup winner.

In six years of playing alongside Cristiano at Real Madrid, Iker Casillas made 228 appearances before switching to Porto in 2015. The legendary goalkeeper also faced Lionel Messi 26 times in matches against Barcelona and Argentina throughout his career.

Do you think Casillas is right by saying Ronaldo is the best ahead of Lionel Messi? Feel free to share your opinion with us via our comments section below!

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