Wayne Rooney Finally Reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legend Status At Man United After Infamous Exit

“I suppose he got what he wanted,” Wayne Rooney told CNN when asked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s forced exit from Manchester United last December.

“For Manchester United, it was important to move on as quick as possible from that and really refocus on the group of players who were there and wanted to be there.

“And I think that’s where [Erik] Ten Hag has done a really good job in refocusing the players and getting them in a position where they are obviously comfortably in the top four and also winning the cup.”

Rooney was then asked if his former teammate’s infamous Piers Morgan interview would tarnish his legend status, to which he replied: “No, I think what he’s done for Manchester United is great.

“And he’s won Premier League titles, won the Champions League, scored many goals. So I think certainly for the fans and certainly, for the players, his former teammates who played with him from my time especially, we’ll never forget what he did for Manchester United.

“Because, in my eyes, he’ll always be a club legend and it’s a shame the way it ended of course this time around.

“But I don’t think that takes anything away from his legacy at the club.”

The 38-year-old simply failed to adhere to Ten Hag’s methods and discipline, leading to discord in the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for the Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr and has contributed nine goals and two assists in eight games.

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