BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Picks Up His Latest Serie A Award

Following a long previous season, Cristiano Ronaldo has finally received his latest Serie A award as a Juventus player. Having received many awards as a Serie A player for Juventus, he has now picked up the most recent of his accolades. The award is for the Player of the Year for 2020, a delayed prize that took a while to happen for obvious reasons.

With the year 2020 hit by a global pandemic, Ronaldo was one of the few reasons many people didn’t feel complete despair. The 36-year-old is one of the few footballers who truly understands the responsibility entertainers have.

The superstar is aware that during times of despair around the world, he is one of the few people who can distract the world from today’s unforeseen reality. As Ronaldo enters his veteran years, the Portuguese blessed Italy with his presence over the last three seasons. Now he has picked up his second consecutive award as the best player in Italian football throughout 2020. Sky Sport reported on the event.

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Ronaldo Faces More Competition For The Award In 2021

In his first two years at the Allianz Stadium, Cristiano Ronaldo had very few players who could compete against him for his latest Serie A award. However, for the 2020-21 campaign, some important names to Italian football, who are currently shining for their respective clubs emerged. One of those names is Romelu Lukaku and his crucial role during Inter Milan’s amazing run so far. While 39-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic is also back and close to his best prime days as he has managed to bring AC Milan back from the dead.

Despite these new challenges though, Cristiano Ronaldo is still having the best season of his Juventus career domestically right now. In fact, Ronaldo is scoring goals at a pace he might even break Gonzalo Higuain’s 36-goal record in Serie A. But it’s only time that will tell if he can get to those numbers.

For now, it is time for Ronaldo to enjoy his latest Serie A award. Also, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was part of Serie A’s Best XI of 2020 as part of the recognition he got.

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