Robert Lewandowski Refuses To Pick Cristiano Ronaldo As The GOAT!

It looks as though Robert Lewandowski didn’t want to take part in the debate that puts Cristiano Ronaldo as the greatest footballer of all-time. In a recent interview with Lothar Matthaus, the Polish striker refused to place Cristiano Ronaldo as the greatest player of all-time.

In this never-ending debate, we have the likes of Lionel Messi, Pele, Diego Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Ronaldo Nazario. In this quarry, there are lots of players that can be considered the best ever due to their incredible achievements they had throughout their careers. However, there are some others that can be part of the conversation strictly because of what they did on the pitch regardless of how long their magic lasted.

Hence, Robert Lewandowski doesn’t want to take part in choosing the one player who stands out above the rest, probably for the aforementioned reason. As a result, it leaves Cristiano Ronaldo out of the conversation as the rest of the amazing players that football has given to human history. Maybe we have to also wonder what Cristiano might think about Lewandowski’s thoughts on this particular debate.

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Robert Lewandowski Shares His Concept Of The GOAT Tag

While on an interview for Bild with Lothar Matthaus, the Bayern forward spoke about this debate and his childhood idols: “There isn’t a single player who can be singled out. Players shape epochs. It used to be you,” Lewy told the Bayern and Germany idol and 1990 World Cup winner. “The last 10, 15 years Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho. Previously, the Brazilian striker Ronaldo. There are always extraordinary talents, appearances that simply convey fun in football. World stars manage to make difficult things appear easy and simple.”

“I remember exactly. When I was six years old, there was only one idol for me: Roberto Baggio! Alessandro Del Piero later became my role model in football, I admired him. However, I could not yet judge exactly what characterizes his style of play, I was just too young for that. It later became Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry. His movements, the runs in from deep, the finishes – as a young footballer these were the qualities I wanted to have. I wanted to imitate Henry in everything.”

What do you think about Lewandowski’s opinion on the GOAT debate? Feel free to share your thoughts with us via our comments section below!

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