Jamie Carragher Explains Why He Respects Cristiano Ronaldo More Than Messi

Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher has given a conflicted opinion of the never-ending GOAT debate between Ronaldo and Messi. The former Reds defender believes he has ‘more respect’ for Cristiano Ronaldo than Lionel Messi due to the Juventus star’s mentality. focus, and work rate.

During Cristiano Ronaldo’s days in the EPL with Manchester United, he regularly squared off against the former Liverpool defender. Jamie Carragher equally faced a young Lionel Messi on two occasions in the 2006/2007 Champions League.

Although Jamie Carragher rates Lionel Messi as the better footballer, he has greater respect for the way Cristiano Ronaldo never gave up and became a strong rival for the Barcelona man.

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When pressed for an answer on who is the better player, Jamie Carragher told the Pure Football Podcast: “Messi, I’ve never changed that. I think I’m with the majority on that.

“I think I have possibly more respect for Ronaldo and the reason I say that is because he has got unbelievable talent but his mentality, his focus, his work rate has made him what he is, or got him to where he is, has taken him to another level.

“Whenever you think he’s finished or Messi’s done something amazing, he comes back with something again and again and again.

“And it must have been tough for him at times. Even when he was at the late stages at United, early days at Madrid where no matter what he did, people would say Messi, Messi, Messi. I think now it’s a bit more even.

“But I think with all those Ballons d’Or Messi was winning, even when Ronaldo was playing out of his skin. But he still came back for more and that’s what I respect so much.”

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Jamie CARRAGHER on Pure FOOTBALL Podcast | Football Interview

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