Is It Time To Sell Ronaldo? Juve Former President Has His Say Here

Is it time to sell Cristiano Ronaldo? Following a humiliating defeat in the Champions League, some important Juventus legends are saying Juventus has to sell their superstar.

With three seasons now gone without a Champions League title on sight, Ronaldo seems to have wasted three years of his career at Juventus. However, it goes either way as the five-time Champions League winner was also one of the players responsible for the elimination. It was from a terrible mistake by the Portuguese superstar that cost his side the goal that doomed them. Now former Juventus president, Giovanni Cobolli Gigli spoke to the media about the legendary player.

Cobolli is convinced that after three years of no Champions League titles, it’s time for the club to part ways with the star. Also, the former President disapproved of Pavel Nedved’s reaction after the match where he even got a little violent in front of the cameras. All these have prompted the crucial question to is it time to sell Cristiano Ronaldo off from Juventus?

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“Ronaldo was a wrong signing, absolutely,” the former Juventus President told Radio Punto Nuovo via Football Italia. ” I had said it on his very first day at Juventus. He is a great champion, but he is too expensive. Now it’s up to Juventus. They’ve been paying him €1m per goal. Agnelli must be self-critical, but he doesn’t have great collaborators. I don’t blame Pirlo. I hired Ferrara and it was not a positive experience. Agnelli took a risk with him. He didn’t want Sarri, but he accepted him because Paratici and Nedved had pushed to hire him. Juventus need to rebuild now.

” I’ve known Pavel as a great champion, but he is not capable of being the Juventus Vice-President. They should think again about his role within the club. He didn’t attend Allegri’s last press conference and I didn’t like that. I know they were not on good terms. He claimed he was abroad, but it’s true, he was in Italy. He doesn’t have the Juventus style. The club should free Ronaldo at the end of the season and the same goes for Paratici. Maybe Agnelli had promoted him to remove him from his position afterward. This could be the scenario.”

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