Andrea Pirlo Never Imagined He Would Coach ‘Great’ Cristiano Ronaldo

As everyone knows, Cristiano Ronaldo is an indispensable player for any team he might find himself in and Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo is not ignorant of what it means to manage the ‘great’ Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the wake of Juventus’ Champions League Round of 16 exit last season in the hands of Lyon, Maurizio Sarri was relieved of his managerial duties at the Allianz Stadium. However, the most surprising decision was that the Turin giants went ahead to appoint their former employee as a player to be Sarri’s successor in Andrea Pirlo.

An inexperienced Pirlo had just received his coaching license when he was appointed as the Juventus head coach. He only had his first experience as a manager in a nine-day spell in charge of the Old Lady’s Under-23 side.

After the announcement of Pirlo replacing Maurizio Sarri was made, many fans became sceptical as to whether the former Juve midfielder will be capable of leading the club to success.

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Others cast doubts over his ability to motivate and manage players such as great Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, and other high profile names in his team. Moreover, the 41-year old himself had never thought he would ever get the opportunity to manage the ‘great’ Cristiano Ronaldo, who is just six years younger.

Pirlo Admits He Never Thought Of Managing ‘Great’ Cristiano Ronaldo

When recently quizzed if he ever thinks he would ever be managing arguably the greatest player ever, Pirlo said to “No, I never would have imagined it.”

“But I am happy to have a great football player available and to see him train and play. For me and for the whole team it is a great pleasure.”

“At 35 he works as a boy, with the same passion and the desire to commit himself every day. He is an example for everyone,” admitted Andrea Pirlo.

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