Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Overlooked In A Superbowl GOAT Comparison

Cristiano Ronaldo has been completely snubbed in a Superbowl GOAT comparison between many legends that took place during a Superbowl broadcast. Despite the Portuguese’s achievements, he keeps getting overlooked in the GOAT debate.

Upon recently becoming the world’s highest goal-scorer in football history over legendary Pele, and already won two major titles with the Portugal National Team, likewise, winning five Ballon d’Or awards and five Champions League titles, Cristiano Ronaldo still gets snubbed by American news outlets during a Superbowl broadcast.

In an image shared by Movistar, Tom Brady can be seen compared to the likes of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, and Lionel Messi. With the Barcelona icon appearing on his four Champions League titles compared to the rest of the names. But then Cristiano Ronaldo was nowhere to be found despite winning more of these trophies than his rival Messi did.

Even though Ronaldo must have been used to these disrespectful moments, it doesn’t make it any less unfair either.

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But Why Does Ronaldo Always Get Snubbed Especially In GOAT Comparison?

This is a question that no one can easily figure out the answer to. Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the two best footballers who ever lived, surpassing the likes of Diego Maradona and Pele a long time ago in this comparison. As it stands, only Lionel Messi could match his achievements, even though there is a clear bias towards Messi that is hard to explain. Probably, it is the natural talent Messi has or their different personalities.

However, Cristiano deserves to have a secured place at the table where legendary athletes will reside until the end of time. Cristiano Ronaldo’s name should be associated with other legends like the ones we mentioned and others such as LeBron James, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Babe Ruth, and a list of them.

Moreover, the snub in the Superbowl GOAT comparison by Movistar should absolutely not be of major importance for the superstar who keeps smashing records every now and then. Cristiano Ronaldo is a GOAT as well and none one can take that away from him!

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