Breaking: Ronaldo Reveals Who is his Greatest Rival in Football

Ronaldo is back in England and preparing for his second debut for the Man United debut, but speaking with Piers Morgan, the soccer superstar reveals who is his greatest rival in football.

It is not usual for Ronaldo to talk about his greatest rival when it comes to football but the famous British journalist and commentator has a special type of relationship with the Manchester United star and that made reveal the secret.

Of course, just like most people, Morgan regards Ronaldo as the best player in football history with so many records to back it up.

Upon his arrival, Morgan took time to ask few questions while at a dinner table with Cristiano Ronaldo and his friend.

“Who is the greatest player you ever played against?” Asked Morgan via The Daily Mail.

Ronaldo gives honest response to Piers Morgan

Hearing the question, Cristiano Ronaldo did not hesitate to respond: “Messi, for sure. He is the best I’ve ever played against. But Piers, you are asking me the wrong question. You should ask me who is the greatest player,” said Cristiano with a grin.

Apparently, Piers Morgan has accepted that the entire exchange between the stars proves that one star feeds from the other and they keep pushing each other forward.

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