PEPE Reveals His Deep Admiration For Cristiano Ronaldo

In a recent interview, Pepe expressed a hidden reason behind his deep admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo as a person.

All of us can remember the bromance between Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. The Portuguese duo shared tremendous memories at the Santiago Bernabeu although they play for different clubs today.

Despite the distance between them via club football, they still share the dressing room at the Portugal National Team. Meanwhile, Pepe always explained his deep admiration for his compatriot but he hadn’t shared an interesting detail about his personality as to the one you’re going to see below.

As you know, Pepe is always a hard-headed defender, which is one of the reasons Ronaldo always takes care of him. In fact, there was a time when the Porto player got a serious head injury and Cristiano was always by his side. Upon people never knowing about it, the 37-year-old had decided to make it public in a recent interview. Each day we keep seeing proof that Ronaldo is a stand-up guy!

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Pepe Admires Ronaldo’s Personality & Greatness

During a recent interview with TNT Sports Brasil’s Facebook channel, Pepe said the following: “I deeply admire Cris and people know this from our time in Madrid. To me, he is the best player in football history. He managed to do what no other player did before him. Ronald won in England, Spain, Italy, and with the Portugal National Team. We are 10 million people here. He was our captain and a lot of people criticize him without knowing what happens within. Just look at what he did at the Euros.”

“When he gave Moutinho the chance to take a penalty, the greatness he showed at that moment. That’s his main characteristic. I cut my head open and said: ‘Pepe, hitting yourself in the head is dangerous’. He was with me in Real Madrid, when Casillas knocked me out twice.”

“There was one time when he visited me in the hospital because he saw the situation was very serious. He told me that hitting your head was very dangerous. When I left the pitch the last time he faced me, he said: ‘You will play because I want to win with you on the pitch’. I responded by saying: ‘Okay, you’ll win with me on the pitch but I will win the round’.”

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