VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo Showcases His Latest Skills In Juve Training

Cristiano Ronaldo showcases his latest skills in Juventus’ Thursday training session. Ronaldo, who just turned 36 years old today has won almost every single title and prize a footballer can get, yet he still gives his best up till this time. In fact, the question that we’re still searching for the answer to is, ‘how does Cristiano stay so focused and determined after all these years?

Let’s say that one of the reasons why the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has been so much success is that he has never stopped having fun on the field of play. As a professional footballer, it’s not just about all work and no play, and it seems like Ronaldo has achieved the perfect balance between the two.

During the early days of Ronaldo’s career, he was a goofy teenager who loved to play around with the ball. But that naturally upset some of his older teammates, notably, one incident at Old Trafford involving Ruud Van Nistelrooy, which has helped to change Ronaldo’s focus for good.

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The former Real Madrid ace’s mentality evolved and he had only but one goal in mind: to become the best player in the world. Besides the Portuguese captain doesn’t leave much time for fooling around on and off the pitch. However, the superstar’s teammates always confirmed that he’s one of the nicest guys in the dressing room. Moreover, Ronaldo is caught most times having a laugh in training sessions.

On Thursday morning Ronaldo showcases his latest skills in the training, entertaining his teammates and his fans. The Serie A leading goalscorer of the season showed off his skills with a number of touches and tricks and left Bernardeschi looking starstruck on the training ground.

Watch as Cristiano Ronaldo showcases his latest skills in the video below!

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