VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Shows Off His Impressive Skills

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is just toddler version of his dad with video footage showing his talents for the Juventus youth team. Back in 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo has a few words for his then 8-year-old lad.

“I hope that Cris, my son, can be like his dad,” Ronaldo Sr said of Ronaldo Jr., “He says he is going to be better (than me), but I think it’s difficult.”

The truth is that Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the greatest of all-time and that one player whose individual and team accolades may never be surpassed.

On the other hand, it would be unfair to pressure a 10-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr down with heavy expectations, or even to the level of comparing him to his illustrious father already. Because no one can deny the fact that the kid has got a bunch of talent!

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Meanwhile, it was reported last year that the young Ronaldo had already provided 58 goals and 18 assists in 28 games for the Juventus U-9 side according to Football Talent Scout. But Juventus have not given any official confirmation on these stats though.

To add to the stats above is an eight-minute video below that shows us a glimpse of what may be just around the corner should the young Ronaldo decides to make football his profession.

Do you believe Cristiano Ronaldo Jr will surpass his dad? Feel free to share your thoughts with us via our comments section below!

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