Cristiano Ronaldo’s Latest COVID-19 Test Results Have Been Revealed

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest COVID-19 test results have finally been revealed after the global football world waited for days for the confirmation ahead of Juventus Vs FC Barcelona clash.

The Portuguese ace has been fighting the deadly virus for the last couple of weeks, with his most recent test result prior to today’s own having a low viral load. It means that Ronaldo was already giving us hope that he is beating the virus and his latest test was the major determinant for his participation in tomorrow’s game. Following an appeal to UEFA, the competition’s governing body agreed to wait for Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest COVID-19 test results until the final 24 hours before the Barcelona encounter at Allianz Stadium.

Lionel Messi And His Group Is At Turin Waiting For Cristiano Ronaldo’s Latest COVID-19 Test Results

In the like manner, Lionel Messi and the Catalan giants are already in Turin waiting for the result as well. It’s evident that since Ronaldo left Real Madrid his arch-rival, Lionel Messi automatically lost some of the motivation to keep facing Ronaldo’s former club. But as fate may have it, the Barcelona star had another chance of facing his bitter rival twice in a season, and he is really looking forward to facing Ronaldo once again.

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Meanwhile, Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo had initially announced that Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest Covid-19 test results would come out later in Tuesday evening while on a pre-match press conference, and finally the result has been confirmed. We can confirm that Juventus and UEFA have announced the final verdict that will reveal if we’re going to enjoy a new edition of the Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry. But does the result mean we have to wait a little longer before this dream comes true?

Ronaldo Misses Tuesday’s Final Preparation And Will Miss The Barcelona Match

While waiting for the latest results of his PCR test, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to miss Juventus’ final training ahead of the Barcelona fixture on Wednesday night. Plus everyone is waiting impatiently for the big news that would decide whether Ronaldo will take to the field or not.

However, the news we’re receiving isn’t the most encouraging one. We have disappointedly learned that Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for Covid-19 again. It just means that the global football fans will have to wait until December when Juventus will be making a trip to the Camp Nou to watch Ronaldo come up against his all-time rival Messi again. Sadly we won’t be able to watch Ronaldo take to the field on Wednesday against Lionel Messi and Barcelona. But the only positivity in the news is that there is high hope of Cristiano Ronaldo recovering soon enough.

Despite that the news wasn’t the best we expected, we are still hopeful that we can get to enjoy the match. We, therefore, continue to wish Cristiano Ronaldo a quick recovery!

Please, don’t be disappointed about the news, let’s wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him in action by the weekend!

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