UEFA Rule Confirms The Fears That Cristiano Ronaldo Might Miss UCL Tie Against Barcelona

UEFA rule on Covid-19 positive testing has confirmed our worst fears about Cristiano Ronaldo after the forward tested positive for coronavirus. Having learnt the details of UEFA rule, there is a tension concerning the Portuguese upcoming two weeks. And the most important of them all is that Cristiano will be likely to miss the UEFA Champions League fixture against FC Barcelona. This means that the highly-anticipate encounter between Ronaldo and Messi this October is looking impossible.

What Does The UEFA Rule Says?

According to the new information reaching us from Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation is that the forward could possibly be prevented from playing the next two matches of his favorite competition.

As UEFA rule states, any player infected by coronavirus needs to present evidence of a negative test at least seven days before the match he wants to play. Meanwhile, Ronaldo tested positive on October 13.

Ronaldo has been mandated to isolate for the next 10 days by the Italian law forces, leaving him with just five days short of completing the above rule from UEFA. This new development, thus, confirms that Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to miss the first match-up against Lionel Messi and his Barcelona side on October 28 in UCL.

Does Ronaldo Have Any Chance To Play Against Barcelona?

Yes, but a little of it! At the moment, we can say there is still a beacon of hope for the five-time Ballon d’Or winner to face his eternal rival on 28 October. The only hope, though, is that Ronaldo has to test negative at least twice by October 21 and present the proper documentation to UEFA.

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With that, it means the 35-year old forward would have to defeat the virus in record time, earlier than any other athlete has done until now. Despite the difficulty in achieving this feat, we believe Cristiano is one of the few athletes who can achieve that.

The UEFA rule is very specific about the case as can been read from their protocol. “Participants from Group 1 or Group 2 who have verified confirmation that they have now recovered from the virus are invited to submit documentation of this to the UPAP, including the date of diagnosis of the virus, complete relevant medical history and any other medical documents in this context, e.g. SARS-CoV-2-RNA test or any other laboratory tests,” the protocol published by UEFA reads. “This must be provided at least one week before the team’s next UEFA Match.”

Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo can be able to achieve this difficult task of beating the virus at such early time? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Get Well Soon, GOAT!

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