Breaking News: Sweden Set To Announce Zlatan Ibrahimovic National Team Return

Despite his age, Sweden is set to call back Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the National Team and we have confirmed that the announcement is imminent.

According to Sky Sports Italy, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to Sweden’s national team appears imminent. Earlier this season, there was a hint of the AC Milan striker possibly going back to play for his country with the Euros still in mind. Although thinking about the World Cup in 2022 will still be premature, but Zlatan still feels he is able to help his teammates this year.

As the Swedish side gets ready for the World Cup qualifiers against Georgia, Kosovo, and Estonia; Zlatan should be announced as part of the squad on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, before this happened, Swedish head coach Janne Andersen denied there was any chance of the big forward going back to the squad. However, things completely changed after both of them met during the month of November. Obviously, Zlatan Ibrahimovic still feels competitive-enough to help Sweden national team and to try to enlarge his all-time goal record.

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Thus, Ibra has the unique chance to play the Euros while he is pushing 40 years of age, following the trend of veteran players performing with their national teams.

Sweden Could Make Zlatan Ibrahimovic Announcement Today

As per the timeline, Zlatan Ibrahimovic met with Janne Andersen during the month of November and everything suddenly changed. They believed the 39-year-old was too old to play for his national team but his performances this season made everybody at the Swedish FA change their minds. Moreover, it’s clear there is no other Swedish player who can perform at the Milan man’s level.

Also, given his history at the Euros, Andersen confirmed it was a great idea. Below is what he revealed earlier this month:
“When Zlatan opened up for games in the national team, it felt natural and important to meet and discuss it as soon as possible. I am glad that we managed to get a meeting so quickly.”

Once the announcement is made, we will keep you updates as quick as possible! Enjoy!

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